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Where is Wormhole?

Imagine venturing deep into space, only to be sucked in by a Wormhole and appear in a bizarre new universe parallel to your own… In which reapers become bounty hunters, giant zombie spiders battle robotic bees and sentient psychedelic mushrooms spawn a magical elf guardian. All this and more, on the other side of the Wormhole…

Note: The Insanis solar system contains four main planets; Sekaido, Zeedou, Fungido and Earthos. Beware, the tales told about the inhabitants of these strange planets are not for the faint of heart.

What is Wormhole?

Highly functional, quality glass
Story driven characters and themes
Detailed decal, precision application
A celebration of colors

‘With over 10 years experience in glass and decorative techniques, our goal is to create something that journeys beyond supreme function.’

The characters we create are complex and deeply embedded in the lore of Wormhole; rich in tales, fun and adventure!

More than just a waterpipe brand, Wormhole products are designed from the ground up.  We start by designing a highly functional piece of glass, then add our detailed decal design that complements the product’s particular shape and contours. It goes without saying that we place a lot of importance on the story of each piece, as a consequence, we guarantee unparalleled detail.

Our Journey… into the Wormhole

Before the Multiverse team started Wormhole, we first created Milkyway Glass, a company known for creating highly detailed sandblasted glass waterpipes and accessories. After spending a number of years establishing Milkyway, we realized that the design and quality of decal products on the market wasn’t great. We saw an opportunity to improve on what other people were doing and couldn’t pass up the chance to bring people better quality and value for money.

We established a new company called ‘Wormhole’ that would purely specialize in the decal products. As always, we started by creating a line of products with function in mind, but we knew with Wormhole that we could take it a step further. After nearly a year of writing, we put together the foundations of the ‘Insanis solar system’ on the ‘other side of the Wormhole’. This included all the strange characters and adventures that make up this chaotic place. Most companies wouldn’t go to this extent, but that’s where the Multiverse team thrives!

We’re still coming up with stories and even better products to showcase our artform. We look forward to sharing these products and tales with you!

About the Multiverse Team

Hemel Parmar
Co-founder / Creative Director

Originally from London UK, Hemel became the Creative Director at Multiverse in 2019. As head designer, he oversees all aspects of product design and branding. 

He is a true creative, transitioning his talents towards graphical design after a number of years in the music industry. His eye for detail and design has helped Milkyway to grow into an internationally recognized brand. And now his sights are set on doing the same for Wormhole. His hobbies include travel, painting and exploring yogic culture. You can follow him on Instagram @Multiverse_Creative_X

Nick Xu
Co-founder / Sales Director

Nick has spent most of his life in both US and Canada.  His prior experience with startups has given him skills and insights that have proven invaluable to Milkyway and Wormhole’s success.

As Sales Director, his customer focused approach has allowed him to build rapport with our customers and convey the core values that Multiverse stands for.  With a passion for innovating processes, Nick has paved the way for the growth of the company.  In his spare time, he enjoys playing sports and being a hobby mechanic.

Jessica Hernandez
Marketing Coordinator

Jessica, originally from Colombia, moved to Canada to pursue her dreams of building a better future. Her passion and discipline for her aspirations never let her stop learning. Since 2013, she has been studying to become a better professional every day, starting with a major in Social Communications in Colombia, specializing in Neuro Marketing in Barcelona, and now pursuing a specialization in Marketing Management in Toronto

As a Marketing Coordinator, she has helped take our brand to the next level!

Andrew Baek
Co-founder / Sales Director

Born and raised in the Republic of Korea, Andrew is a talented and passionate designer who has a strong dedication to his craft. He is known for his creative approach and his ability to effectively convey messages through visual content.

He specializes in developing captivating social media content for Milkyway, with a keen focus on enhancing user communication. Andrew’s drive to continuously expand his knowledge and stay abreast of the latest trends and technologies sets him apart in the field of communication design. He loves to go to art galleries and exhibitions in his free time.

Sunday Wightman
Sales Administrator

When I am not working or in the gym, you will find me in the mountains with my dogs, camping and 4x4ing! In my spare time, I am also travelling as well as volunteering with any and all animal rescue centers I can find!